Indian Lady

This is a painting I did in 2009 of an elegant Indian woman. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches.

FOR SALE: 550$

Please contact me by email if you’re interested. (

I made this painting because, although I’ve never been to India, I feel very attracted to Indian culture, especially, as an artist, it’s visual culture. I love the bright colors of the women’s sarees, the incredibly detailed architecture, the taste and smell of all the wonderful spices, the amazingly ancient history and spirituality, the music and Bollywood movies, which I love to watch, especially for the song and dance numbers. It cheers me up 🙂

I feel like I probably spent a past life or two in India. I hope to be able to visit someday. So that’s why I like to make Indian themed paintings, even though I’m not Indian myself.

Also, it makes me very happy that a new Indian imports store in Seattle called Kashi Specialty Imports will be using my painting as their logo. I wish them lots of prosperity for their new business, which will open next summer. I will post a link to their website when it is up.